DexLogix Program Policy for Members

Member policy created in December 15, 2019.

To maintain the quality and meet the required quantity of work, Dex Logix needed to create a clear policy for members who are working with Dex Logix.

The main aim to have a separate policy for Dex Logix members is to protect and differentiate the quality of each member so that valuable members will get the reward for their progress.

By having a policy of members, all member's work can be protected. With the upcoming time, Dex Logix will add more members to its family. It is necessary to clear such things that affect the flow of work.

On the other hand, members who are not complying with their commitment of work and are doing compromise on the quality of the given task, in that scenario, Dex Logix reserves the rights to terminate their account so that it will not affect the work of other valuable members as all work comes together.

Release of Payments

Until now, Dex Logix's payment policy is to issue payments to members 2 times a month. One payment cycle comes on 10 of every month that covers payments of 25 to 09 of previous dates. The second payment cycle comes on 25 of every month that covers all payments of 10 to 24 of the same month.

In the coming time, Dex Logix will have an online payment withdrawal system for members to withdraw their earnings with the available payment support options instantly.

Respecting Members

Dex Logix does not allow any member to make any type of compliment about other members who are the current part of the Dex Logix program. If any member is caught making useless compliments, he will be issued a strike on their account as a warning, and repeating such behavior will cut off their relation with Dex Logix. If anyone has anything suspicious about any member, they can contact Dex Logix privately for review and action.

Rewards and Goals

Dex Logix will soon categorize all members into levels. The best level will have more benefits and rewards. There is something special in it for valuable members that will reveal soon.

Dex Logix Support

In case of any error based on the member's account, can contact Dex Logix immediately for correction.

Hopefully, this policy help members to grow with their work and can obviously accrue good earnings.

Acceptance and Change of Policy

By working with Dex Logix, you accept and agree to member policy. This policy is subjected to change at any time, however, registered members will be notified about any change.

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